स्‍वास्‍थ्य संबंधी होमियोपैथिक त्रैमासिक पत्रिका


ou can reach up to 1,00,000 readers just now and the number of readers are increasing day by day throughout India, Nepal and Pakistan .

Also Marketed by A. H. Wheelers Pvt. Ltd.
   (All Over India Railway Book Stalls)
EFECTIVE FROM JANUARY, 2013 (जनवरी 2013 से लागू)

Rate Per insertion/space Rate for 4 insertions in a year Mechanical Data  
Full Page
Rs. 36000 24cm x 18cm
Rs. 7300
Half Page
Rs. 28000 24cm x 9cm    12cm x 18cm
Rs. 5000
Quarter Page
Rs. 19000 12cm x 9cm
Rs. 15000
Double Spread
Rs. 55000 24cm x 38cm
Rs. 12000
Inside Back Cover
Rs. 40000 24cm x 18cm
Rs. 12000
    Inside Front Cover(Second Cover Page)
Rs. 40000 24cm x 18cm
Rs. 20000
Back Cover
Rs. 70000 24cm x 38cm
Rs. 15500
Central Spread
Rs. 56000 24cm x 38cm
  1. 100% extra for color advertisements.
  2. 10% extra for Bleed Size advertisement.
  3. 25% extra for opening page.
  4. Processing charges extra @Rs. 40/- Per Sq. inch for colour art work.
  5. All rates are subject to cancellation without notice.
  6. Advertisements are accepted in good faith and the proprietors do not accept liability for contents of the advertisement.
  7. Complete and final materials required. We shall not be responsible for Errors/ Omissions.
  8. No correction proof will be required.

Printing Process
4 Color Offset
Materials required for B/W ads
Positive with 85 screen
For Color Ads
Color positives of 100 or 133 Screen along with progressive proof
Date of Publication
Due Date
Last date for ad. copy
5 weeks before publication date.

Advertising Manager
"Homoeo Gagan"
Bhagalpur - 812002
Phone 2421975
Fax - 0641-2404463
email : gupta_binay@hotmail.com


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